LBA Evaluation Tryout and Draft

UpdatedFriday July 19, 2019 byLBA.

1. Parents register their children for a season of competition in LBA. Each parent is required to submit a birth certificate for each child when they join LBA, which is logged into our system to verify their eligibility for the particular age group.
2. Parents are notified of the evaluation tryout date in which all players (other than coaches' kids) are asked to attend so that coaches can all see them and evaluate them in whichever manner they choose
3. At the evaluation tryout, all kids are given a number that corresponds to the order they registered in the system. The numbers (no names) are the only thing given to coaches during the tryout though they may be familiar with kids who played for them before or they have seen in the league, which is very normal. The only people at the evaluation with access to the numbers are the draft director and registration people. The logs of who checked in are collected to make sure the draft director knows who was evaluated and who was not, so the draft director is the only LBA person in possession of the final list of who is drafted and who is a random pick. All registered coaches are allowed to watch and evaluate in any method they so chose and to prepare to draft the kids that they feel are best for their team. As each kid is evaluated, a number is called out from their hat/jersey to correspond to the list.
4. The list is prepared for the coaches that eliminates coaches' kids (each team is allowed 2 free coaches kids and1 sponsor designated child, if requested for the sponsored team) and provided at the draft. A chart of the numbers of the kids that were not at the tryouts is also provided, as they are drafted by number only (no names revealed until they are picked at the draft). 
Rules for the Loveland Baseball draft
  • There will be a blind draw for the draft order. The team that draws the #1 will have the first pick, in the first round, #2 the second, and so on.
  • The draft will be a “snake” format, with the order reversing after the first round (No. 7 draft will have the #7 and #8 pick, then No. 6 will have the #9 pick, and so on)
  • Any team having more than two assigned players loses their first pick of the draft and will rejoin the draft at the appropriate place in round two or three. (Blacked out numbers are coaches’ kids or sponsor-designated kids).
  • For those teams without two assigned players, they will receive the appropriate amount of compensatory picks after the fourth (4th) round (and it will be handled in draft order). If you have one assigned player, you will receive two draft picks. If you have two assigned players, you will have one draft pick.
  • If you draft a sibling, you will get both players on your team and lose your next draft pick
  • After all players that tried out have been drafted, the next in order will receive the first “bucket pick” (choose a number on screen - corresponding numbers in blue background). The bucket picks will continue until the “bucket” is empty.
  • If there are late additions to the league, those players will be assigned to the team next in the draft order as they come in to keep teams balanced.