LBA at Colorado Eagles Opener - Oct. 13

Updated Wednesday September 27, 2017 by LBA.

The Colorado Eagles have invited LBA to be a part of their opening night celebration of last year's championship! Contact/ticket purchase information is avialable at LBA.10.13 flyer.pdf

Also, a reminder that the Loveland Baseball Association will hold its annual general election meeting on Oct. 12. During this time, elections for several board positions, as well as election of the next year's President, will be held. There are at least four board member slots available for election for a two-year term, though several have expressed interest in re-election.

Per the LBA Bylaws, the process for nominating (nominations submitted with both nominator and nominees' name and contact information no later than Oct. 2to More information is available at:


LBA at Colorado Eagles - Oct. 13, 2017