SI Play App Instructions

UpdatedFriday April 7, 2017 byLBA.

Sports Illustrated Play (SI Play) is a free app that allows youth sports teams to host their communication and organization all in one shared digital location. Some of the features include creating schedules, posting rosters and keeping track of statistics. The app lets the coaches and parents stay in contact with one another and share moments during games or practices.


Everyone stays up to date on team events from rain outs, field changes, and time changes. Attendance reminders are presented on members news feed asking them to confirm attendance so coaches know who will be there on game day.


Need an easier way to talk to your team? With the SI Play mobile app, you can quickly send those everyday team reminders, from game reminders to planning that upcoming team cookout. Be on the ball all season long with streamlined email, text, and our awesome Team Chat feature.


SI Play Parent Instructions

If you need help, please contact John Martin at:

  1. On your phone go to the iTunes App store (iPhone) or Google Play store (Android)
  2. Search SI Play
  3. Download SI Play
  4. Enter your email login that you used at registration for LBA
  5. Under the red button send magic link, click “I’d rather type my password”
  6. Enter password created for your LBA registration that matches the e-mail
  7. Click on your team then click next
  8. On the bottom, you will have your team's schedule, messages from parents and coaches, and my team which holds standings, and rosters

Why you should download the SI Play app: You will have access to the team roster, schedule, directions to games, standings, message the coach, update the news feed, get notifications from LBA and your coaching staff, and more! You can even upload action photos of your players and teams to the app and they could also appear on the LBA Web Site!