Sponsor A Team!

UpdatedWednesday January 15, 2020 byLBA.

Loveland Baseball Association welcomes the support of local businesses and organizations wishing to actively participate in the education and athletics of our youth. For nearly 40 years, LBA has provided Loveland’s youth with quality recreational and competitive baseball at Centennial Park. Without the support of businesses in the community, player fees would be prohibitively expensive and unattainable for many in the Loveland area.
Thirty five percent of our annual budget goes to umpire salaries alone, 30% for equipment and uniforms, 25% for facilities and the remaining 10% for insurance, security and general operating expenses. Not a dime goes toward Director or Coach salaries; these individuals donate their time and talent to the community.
Our sponsorship programs are designed to provide exposure for local organizations, allowing community members to see the their support for youth baseball in Loveland. In addition to LBA events, there are several non-LBA events at Centennial Park exposing supporting businesses to people who will visit our baseball facility from cities along the Front Range and throughout the state. 
Sponsor Benefits
  • Your logo or name screen printed on the shirts of about 12 players per team;
  • Your logo or name printed on a vinyl banner on one playing field;
  • A link to your business' address/phone/website on the LBA's web site;
  • One Draft Pick;
  • Various mentions and "Thank You" acknowledgements in LBA Newsletters;
  • Your contribution may be tax-deductible.*


Sponsorship Levels
  • One Team: $325
  • Two Teams: $600
  • Three Teams: $875
  • Four Teams: $1100
Loveland Baseball Association would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and hope that we can count on your continued support of LBA and youth sports in Loveland.
For more information, please contact Loveland Baseball Association: 
970.670.0540 or email directors@lovelandbaseball.org. To sign up to sponsor and pay online, go to https://lovelandbaseball.siplay.com/MySportsStore and set up your account!